Pre-Marital counselling
Marital counselling
Sexuality and related concerns
Love and Relationship Issues
Work-Life Balance

Family & Parenting

Family Counselling
Child Counselling
Counselling and Adolocents
Pre and Post Natal Counselling
Legal Counselling

Education & Careers

Career Counselling
Memory and Concentration Enhancement Techinques
Goal Setting
Personality Development
Managing Work Stress and Being Successful in your Job

DTS and other Psychological Disorders

Depression, Stress, Trauma
Fears, Phobias, Anxieties, OCD
Relaxation Techniques
Sleep Disorders/Insomnia
Suicide Help
Chronic iLLness - Psychological Help

Geriatric (Old-Age) Counselling

Male/Female Menopause
Retirement Blues
Paranoia, Anxiety, Delusions
Counselling the Care-Giver

Challa_SubrahmanyamChalla’s Counsel–We here at Challa’s Counsel strive to provide solutions to all your emotional, behavioral and psychological problems in a confidential and friendly environment. For the past 15 years, we have successfully dealt with a wide variety of cases across all age groups and all spheres of life, with clientele based in several countries.
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Dr Challa Subrahmanyam pioneered the application of Mano-PranaYoga Counselling to improve the overall wellbeing of an individual by identifying the impact of psychological stress on his physical health. We treat these disorders in individuals using Mano-PranaYoga techniques with zero use of psychiatric drugs. World over, we have been successful in resolving complex psychological conditions with the use of psychotherapy, counselling and Mano-PranaYoga. Read more…

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